JEFF WALTER - Designated Broker
Email: Jeff@Visionrealtynw.com
Began in the Development and Multi - Family commerical Realestate business in 1972. Has been active in
Multi- family development, Real Estate Acquisition and apartment ownership for decades. Has a great grasp of the fundamentals of Realestate management and dynamics.


Sean Walter - Broker
Email: Sean@Visionrealtynw.com
Has been in the business for 15 years, actively involved in the Construction, Development, and management of numerous multi - family and single family developments. Has had experience in Condominium convertions, and management of HOA  associations, and trustee type issues. 


Moriah Schwarz
Real Estate Broker - Leasing Specialist
Moriah has been in the business as a active leasing agent for 10 years. Studied in Irvine California, and worked for one of the largest property management companies in the state, the Irvine Company, Moriah brings her unique skill sets to the company.


Paul Schwarz
Leasing Agent
Has been in the business for 4 years. With a previous back ground in sales, he is instrumental in leasing and understands the unique market place when it comes to rental and leasing.


Felix Punay
Maintenance - Tech - Superintendant
Felix has been in the construction trade for over 15 years. He has a wealth on knowledge in nearly all aspects of construction and remodel, and maintenance. He shares a unique skillset of constantly striving to learn new skill sets. He is tireless in his integrity to job satisfaction.